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Temporarily removing international shipping options.

Editing to add:
There is light at the end of the tunnel, business international tracked service (the service I use) has been resumed by Royal Mail earlier this week. I will be resuming international shipping on my Etsy listings from Mon 6 Feb 2023, to make sure that it’s working OK and to let Royal Mail clear the backlog of mail. Royal Mail states that delivery of International items may take slightly longer than usual and customers using Tracked services may notice different tracking information as items leave the UK. 

Unfortunately, I have to temporarily remove international shipping options on all of my Etsy listings, due to Royal Mail experiencing severe service disruption to their international export services following a cyber incident (now identified as ransomware).

Royal Mail has temporarily suspended international services and they strongly recommend that all sellers/businesses temporarily hold any export mail items. At the same time, they are working to resolve the issue.

Currently, all of my Etsy Shop listings have shipping to UK destinations only (domestic), if there is something you are interested in, I can get a courier quote (FedEx or UPS, etc). You can contact me about this via Etsy Messages.

Royal Mail is working around the clock to resolve this and has started to move letters, and packages in Northern Ireland, trialling a workaround system. Hopefully, if this is successful, they will implement the same workaround on the mainland and once they clear the backlog, will allow international items to be posted.